Coming soon to a blog near you.

This should be good.

In a trawl around members for something to perk up ‘musings from edge’, one lovely  suggestion was to find out more about our members and their diversity of methods / design approach  / working style  and so on, and that an interview with a member every now and then, answering a selection of questions would make for good reading.

So – I’ve set up a questionnaire, with the usual textile questions and a couple of random ones as well and twisted Ali Ferguson’s arm  to see what she thinks.She’ll answer about 6 or 7 of the selection, provide some nice photos of work. I’ll put it up on the blog site and we will wait and see how it works…..

As you will no doubt already know if you have read my previous postings, I want to make people aware of just how much creativity, design approach and working goes into textile art. Some of the paper work I’ve seen is fantastic and could be shown as a final piece of art in its own right – as an aside ; we plan to show a gallery of work-in-preparation at our exhibition in July 2016, watch this space.

The interviews with members should add that extra dimension to your viewing of their work.

Look forward to hearing what you think.


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