Interview with Ali Ferguson : part 3

And here is the final part of Ali’s interview….

    Do you use a sketchbook – if not, how do you prepare an idea?

Yes – always!  I use my sketchbook to record ideas and thoughts, research, experiments and processes.

My starting point for any piece of work is by drawing a series of mind maps exploring my thoughts – always drawn on the back of an old envelope. Much the same as scribbling down ideas on the back of an old fag packet – so much less scary than a blank sketchbook page!  I allow one thought to lead to another and I find it allows me to explore way beyond the obvious.

Something on my mind maps will suggest relevant materials to work with and techniques to explore. I jot down all these thoughts. and ideas onto scrappy bits of paper and then when I have too many pieces of paper I will organise them into a sketchbook. This seems to be part of my creative process – the actual organising of all of these random “bits” that I have accumulated.

Sketchbook Page

    What makes you smile?

Annie my wee pooch – she spends her days in her basket out in my shed and is guaranteed to make me laugh out loud every single day!


    Is there a piece of textile art you wish you’d done?


Diana Savona”s “Fossil Garments”

Mandy Patullo’s “Memento Mori” series.

Penny Leaver Green’s “Button Phobia”

Rozanne Hawksley’s  War & Memory

I could go on and on….

     Interested in finding out more?

Facebook: The Purple Thread Shed – Ali Ferguson


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