Alison King’s latest piece

If you’re interested in the personal side of history ,would like to view a great piece of textile art and live around the Hawick area, I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the Textile Towerhouse  to catch the last week or so of Alison King’s personal tribute to her husband’s grandfather who was  Padre of the McCrae Regiment at the Battle of the Somme  -a hundred years ago this year.She has incorporated the old trench maps and photographs she found  at home and researched the area visiting where it is now and comparing how it was then.

It was first shown in Sweden and this is the first time it has been on show in Scotland. It will be on display during the summer in St. Giles in Edinburgh to commemorate the centenary of the Somme there. So it’s a rare treat to have it on view down in the Borders.

The exhibition – between myth and l(edge)nd – ends at the end of the month, but avoid a visit on a Tuesday, you’ll find the Towerhouse closed all day.Rev James Black


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