Hot off the press, another interview …

Since there was a good response and interest shown over Ali Ferguson’s Textile Interviews,  I decided to make a feature of the format and ask other Edge members to respond to the same interview questions I’d put to Ali. Then we could see just how varied and different each members’approach to textile art could be.

Since Ali is one of our newer members I thought it would be a good balance to ask one of the original members to take part and I’m delighted to say that Sheila Mortlock has agreed.

The acronym EDGE comes from the original grouping of Edinbugh, Dundee and Glasgow Embroiders, and Sheila is a D for Dundee person – trained at Duncan of Jordanston College of Art, taught students there, is now a member of the Textile Study Group and has been invited to do workshops in India and New Zealand to name only two. Still someone who’s work excites  and keeps moving forwards.

I’m sure you can’t wait.



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