Countdown for Strands of Time

OK – so one month from today we open our new exhibition in Edinburgh Palette. It’s a celebration of the fact that ‘edge’ has been exhibiting for almost twenty years as a Scotland-wide group and it’s time to celebrate our particular strands of time – our inspiring past, our exciting present and our intriguing future.

Each strand has a gallery of its own – thanks to Edinburgh Palette’s generosity – and each gallery has a designated team from the group who will be responsible for the pieces that will be on show. There will be Alison King ( our very first chairperson) and Rosemary Campbell in gallery one, showing the best of the past, Jennifer Hamshere and Wilma Graham have the task of selecting the best of our present work for gallery two and Kim Gunn and Ali Ferguson step out into the unknown to create our future in gallery three.

All this plus a pop-up cafe and a sound and light show –  what more could you want.

To whet your appetite, I’ll post an occasional little gem  from of the galleries Do come along, if you can, to see the entire show.

Molly             Bullick            Indigo Mantra

This is one of Molly Bullick’s latest pieces – called Indigo Mantra .



One thought on “Countdown for Strands of Time

  1. Nice little piece to spark the first curls of panic in the crazy busy brain, thank you, Eileen! Seriously though, it’s lovely to read, and see Molly’s piece.

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