Saturday’s strand

As I was talking about yesterday when I wrote about Helen,’edge’ is a group dependent on everyone working as a group and sharing out decisions and responsibilities. Today was just that.

It was our last committee meeting before selection day on the 26th so as you can imagine there was more that a great deal to work out. The main structure is firmly in the hands of the gallery curators and is looking good.There’s a reflective past, a bang up to date present and a future featuring Kilner jars and bulldog clips  – a must see .

But that  basis has to be supported by the house-keeping details you don’t think about but make your gallery visit worth it. We ranged from posters / flyers and feather banners through how the opening on the 2nd will go, to stewarding rotas and teams of helpers during the week before the show; would there be postcards to sell and wouldn’t it be better to use UHT milk and save running out of milk for the cafe ; what kind of catalogue would we produce for the show and what about selection of the A4 unframed pieces.

Those of you who have been involved in organising exhibitions as a group will know exactly the kind of meeting we had today … and hopefully it will have been enough to ease the strain of those 3am. worries when you panic over the What about…?’ scenarios.

We should be able to sleep well.


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