Final Call for Strands of Time

We are now on the last 3 days of this fantastic exhibition at Edinburgh Palette, so it is now a case of “snooze and you lose”.

It closes at 6 on Saturday 23rd., the work is collected by the members on Sunday and I do a final sweep on Monday morning and then not a trace should be left – physically any way. I’m sure though that there will be loads of memories and inspirational thoughts to keep this fantastic show of Edge :past, present and future alive and thriving for a long time to come.

There was a heap of work and favours called in to make it work so well but when you stand in any of the 3 rooms and look at just how good it looks and just how good we are as contemporary textile artists, it has all been worth while.

In modern parlance….. go us!

The final image, I think, should be a salutary one. Edge does ‘thought provoking’ as well as beautiful and Moira E Dickson’s trilogy on remembrance, especially the devastation of lives in WW1, says it all.

Moira E's WW1(1)



2 thoughts on “Final Call for Strands of Time

  1. I’ve just stewarded the whole day today and what a fantastic day we had!!! Nearly 40 visitors, from as far away as Aberdeen, specially to see our exhibition! Everyone was so very enthusiastic and complimentary, some enquired about joining Edge. We sold postcards, catalogues, an A4 piece and another piece. I finally managed to sit down for the first time at 4 o’ clock. I have another half day to do – maybe I’ll manage to actually see the work then?! As Eileen says – Go Us!!!!

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