This, I reckon, is edge’s own Marmite subject, but whether you love or loathe the idea  I am ever hopeful that it will stay open to all members in edge – maybe not every 6 months as we have had for the past two years but as an annual occurrence.

Why should we keep it going? Well, for starters we have got ourselves a cracking tutor in Sarah Burgess. Ideally suited to mentoring the group but not part of it, she’s a member of the textile Study Group, so has the perfect approach to tutoring our group – helping you to find your answers  – it’s a great skill to have. We can only afford her, to be honest, because she is given hospitality by Rose and Ali ( TSG friends as well as edge members), and I for one am extremely grateful to them both.

And then there’s the session itself. Time spent beforehand compiling a brief for her about what it is you want to be doing with your work and ideas is awfully good for you and then spending a day ( Leith Academy is may not be the ultimate venue, but it suffices) in a small group, having an hour to be with Sarah, time to reflect and jot down the ideas and next steps and time too to talk .

What did it do for me last Saturday? I got myself able to separate my new ideas into a decent working list – short, medium and long term plans ( once you learn ‘counselling’ speak it kind of stays, sorry). Sorted.

And for the others – well their comments were as follows…’I have a better sense of direction now’  ‘My imaginative mind was stretched’  It consolidated ideas into a coherent way of moving forward’ Informative and constructive’…and that’s just a sample.

See you at the next one?








One thought on “Mentoring

  1. This is a wonderful innovation, Eileen. I feel really privileged to have had the experience and hope mentoring continues for others.

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