The end of my ‘chair-ship’

This is the last blog written as chair of the group. Tomorrow I go up to Birnam and report to the members at our AGM. It’s been 3 years since I was asked to take on the post – sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like forever!

I’ve enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from being  the ‘overlooker’ as it were. I’ve been, in turns, frustrated,overwhelmed,impressed and supported by it all.

Frustrated? Not by the group – well very rarely by the group – more by a general lack of perception into the value of textile art today. Want a Creative Scotland grant or a gallery to exhibit in ( or even a gallery to answer an enquiring email) : a newspaper to write a review  or an acceptance that our creations are an art form, not just craft work of a high standard? That’ll not be happening sadly. Wouldn’t it be lovely to think that someone reading this an 10 years time would be amazed that we weren’t considered an equal to fine art?

Overwhelmed by kindness.Kindness in general but the kindness the was expressed when I had my horrible hospitalness. The cards and messages that came from edge members during that time were so comforting and quite kept me going – thank you again.

And I never cease to be impressed by the work that gets selected for the exhibitions we’ve had these past 3 years.From ‘cutting  edge’ to ‘myths and l(edge)nds’ and of course ‘strands of time’ and each selection I swear seems to get better and better.No wonder our comment books are filled with superlative, inspirational  responses. I do believe that, apart from the natural talent we all have, this quality comes from the workshops Jennifer has run and the mentoring that Sarah Burgess gives. We are, as our constitution states continually striving to be at the cutting edge of contemporary Scottish textile art, and I think this shows in the new pieces that we see every selection.

Last, but the crux of this past 3 years,comes support.From Fiona our web designer and John the printer, from the galleries who had faith and gave us galleries to show in, from amazing friends and friends of friends who helped, from every member of edge who gives what they can to keep edge in the forefront of our field and produces the class of work that ‘strands’ was all about, to the wonderful committee members who have made this whole 3 years happen – each one a gem and without them, no edge or not the edge we seek to be.





5 thoughts on “The end of my ‘chair-ship’

  1. Dear Eileen

    You should be giving yourself a pat on the back. I have served under a number of Chairwoman, but you have been the most inspiring and dynamic. Your ambition for the group has been boundless and this has been rewarded with the huge success of Strands of Time and the number of new members we have gained. I totally agree with your comments about the Art establishment’s perception of textile art, which I am not sure will ever change, but I think under your Chairmanship, we have made some progress on that front. I responded to Creative Scotland’s latest survey and made the point about the perception of textile art, but it will probably be ignored.

    I have been teaching the last couple of weeks in Perth. I have enjoyed it, but a bit tiring with a 3 hour round trip daily. Looking forward to the AGM Do you have anyone in mind for the publicity?

    Anyway, congratulations again for a brilliant term as Chairwoman. You will be hard act to follow!

    Love Pauline

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  2. Thank you so much for all your efforts over the past three years. I feel so much more included in Edge than I did before you became chair. Hope yu now have time for a bit of a rest and lots of new work. Maggie xxx

  3. What an amazing 3 years we have ad under your superlative chairmanship – I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Such camaraderie and fun and hard work. Thanks a million.
    Lots of love,

  4. What an amazing time we have had under your superlative chairmanship – I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Such camaraderie, such fun and lots of hard work along the way, Well done!!
    Lots of love,

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